Don't let them
feed you lies.

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Language is a powerful tool. It makes up the tracks for our trains of thought. The bulk of these tracks was layed centuries ago and therefore may lead to places not worth visiting anymore. It takes a long time to lay new tracks and retire old ones.

Here is where we come in.

Don't let language
deceive you.

Foie Gras

Pain Paté

100% cruelty free translation tool.

Our extension is the first of it's kind. No animals where harmed in the making of this tool.


Translate all blacklisted words in no time.
Decipher and learn the true meaning of hundreds of words.


The treachery of words.

Our extension allows you to translate commonly used euphemisms society has normalized.

Hot Dog

Your Dog

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or your money back

"You can live without my ribs.
I can't."

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